The Process of Selection and Placement

The most important task of our Human Resources team is to place the right candidate in the right position at the right time; On the candidate side, to determine that it is the right company, the right time and the right position.

Personal Characteristics We Look For In Our Candidates

Honest, willing to be a team member, respectful, fair..

With these features, if you have the knowledge, experience and competence suitable for the vacant position, if you love what you do and have the motivation to do your job, you can apply for the position that suits you from the Job postings we publish on the web, or send an e-mail to by specifying the ref. It is the first move to increase our chances for us to shape your future together.

If you are applying for a specific position, you must enter the ref.code of the open position in the explanation section.

Evaluation Of Applications

All applications are evaluated carefully in relation to, objective and role requirements. Appropriate candidates are called by our Human Resources Recruitment Department, giving preliminary information about the position and seeking answers to basic questions. Candidates who successfully pass this stage are invited for a face-to-face interview via e-mail. It is one of our basic principles that the applicants are informed positively or negatively as a result of the interviews.


Our Human Resources Recruitment Specialists will conduct the first competency-based face-to-face interview. Positive candidates are interviewed  by the manager as a  potential candidate in the 2nd face-to-face technical interview.


Candidates who are positive as a result of face-to-face interviews are informed by our Human Resources Recruitment Department. Later on; The job offer form is sent to the candidates via e-mail. In case the candidate accepts the offer and completes the necessary documents and submits them to our human resources Recruitment department, he/she is given an on-the-job date.

Work Adaptation

All of our new personnel are undergoing on-the-job training. Thanks to this program, in which the position of the new personnel is clearly stated and the technical preliminary information is given, the new personnel will start to see themselves as a part of the company from the first day.

Training and Development Continuous Development

NOVACON it will provide you with the technical support you need to do your job effectively, adapt to changing conditions and be trained in line with your career plans.

Our employees are constantly supported by internal, external and orientation technical and personal development trainings as required by the performance monitoring process.

Being assigned in various projects, learning and practical experience in a natural way will accelerate your technical development in depth.

Performance Monitoring and Management

You will be receiving feedback on your performance for 365 days. An overall assessment which is applied once a year  will provide input to training and development, career planning, remuneration and rewarding management.

Since our performance evaluation system is aimed at measuring and encouraging success, you will be informed about the results.

Talent Management and Career Planning

In line with your abilities, you will be supported by your development programs and taking part in various projects within the company.

Our Advantages

  • Our most valuable capital is our employees. You are valuable to us and you will feel it in every process.
  • Ensuring continuous development and sustainability of your theoretical and practical experience,
  • To have the opportunity to follow and apply the global changes in the sector

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