#1 Cloud ERP in the World

Founded in 1998, Oracle NetSuite is the world’s first cloud company. For over 20 years NetSuite has helped businesses gain visibility, control and agility to build and grow a successful business.

NetSuite is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that covers ERP/Finance, CRM and e-commerce in one unified package for over 26,000 customers.

NetSuite is the first solution to offer smart, integrated and easy-to-use applications for growing and midsize businesses.

Why NetSuite?

  • Efficient: Cloud delivery eliminates on-premise IT costs.
  • Integrated: ERP, CRM and e-commerce suite cuts cycle times and errors.
  • Visibility: Real-time dashboards and analytics eliminate spreadsheets.
  • Anywhere: Browser and mobile access lets you access from anywhere.
  • Global: Multi-subsidiary intelligence scales as you grow.
  • Adaptable: Customize with confidence without risking version lock.
  • Up-to-date: Automated upgrades deliver the latest innovations.

Advantages of NetSuite

By teaming up with an experienced NetSuite Solution Provider, you can ensure that your organization enjoys all the key benefits of NetSuite ERP, including but not limited to:

  • Improved financial operations efficiency and productivity with a single integrated system to manage all basic processes for users anywhere in the world.
  • Timely financial closing management of all period-end closing activities to reduce time and resources spent investigating and resolving errors.
  • Ongoing compliance with revenue recognition, tax requirements and financial reporting in accordance with various accounting standards and government regulations.
  • Real-time visibility into consolidated financial results for any part of the business at a summary level and down to seen key transaction details.

Features of NetSuite

Financial Management

Combine robust financial management with built-in business intelligence to enable smarter, faster decision making.

Financial Planning

Shorten cycle times, engage business users, and enrich your planning process with an intuitive planning, budgeting, and forecasting solution.

Order Management

Streamline the order-to-collection process by connecting sales, finance and to realization pricing, customer order management, and returns management.

Production Management

Bring your products to market quickly and efficiently by leveraging real-time visibility into production management processes.

Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Define, execute and support supply chain/distribution management plans from a single collaboration platform.

Warehouse and Shipment

Manage end-to-end inventory and inbound/outbound logistics in real time while minimizing total cost of ownership.


Improve the accuracy of procure-to-pay processes and optimize for cost certainty.

NetSuite ERP

Organizations today demand financial management solutions that are flexible enough to meet dynamically changing business needs.

NetSuite ERP enables organizations to manage IT costs, optimize accounting efficiency, streamline order management and purchasing processes, eliminate manual intensive spreadsheet-based reporting, and increase employee productivity.

NetSuite is designed to streamline mission-critical processes. This allows businesses to stay focused on what they do best and react quickly and confidently to new market opportunities. From finance to supply chain management, billing and beyond, NetSuite ERP gives companies to seen clearly and control of their business.

You can make and manage all the processes of your organization more efficiently with cloud-based Oracle Netsuite ERP, which allows you to intelligently and quickly manage every complex process from budget to logistics management, from production planning to project management.

For finance processes, perhaps the most complex processes of businesses, NetSuite ERP provides proven, comprehensive financial management capabilities. While Netsuite ERP streamlines the processes in your entire in organization, it also helps you feel confident before each step you take with the real-time data it provides.

Companies experience these differences with NetSuite ERP:

  • Reduced IT costs by 50% or more
  • 20% – 50% accelerated financial closing rates
  • 50% reduced order-to-pay
  • 50% reduced audit preparation time
  • Invoicing costs reduced by 25-75% in promotional efforts
  • Unpaid sales days (DSO) has been reduced by 10-20%

Advantages of NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP software is designed to quickly adapt to changes in technology and business, maximize corporate agility, and help you run your entire business in one powerful system. Whether you’re a high-end enterprise, an innovative midsize enterprise, or a productive small business, Oracle NetSuite ERP will empower you with cutting-edge technology.

Designed for avant-garde businesses and built from the ground up for the cloud, NetSuite ERP is trusted by 24,000 organizations of all sizes and industries and offers a complete view of the business in real time, accessible anytime, on any device.

Whatever your vertical industry or specific configuration, you can choose a horizontal offering that provides best-in-class functionality or customize it to be unique. Typical cloud ERP systems have different modules that can be purchased separately depending on the specific needs of the organization.

NetSuite OneWorld

Global Business Management in the Cloud

NetSuite OneWorld provides a real-time, unified global business management platform for businesses that manage multinational and multilateral operations at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-house ERP solutions. NetSuite OneWorld helps global businesses increase operational efficiency by providing real-time visibility and consolidation, and the flexibility to customize the solution for specific corporate and subsidiary needs.

It connects e-commerce, accounts, customer information, sales lines and marketing initiatives to give you a comprehensive view of your business. And since everything is cloud-based, you can access up-to-date information anytime from any device.

NetSuite OneWorld these includes:

  • Real-time financial and operational consolidation – to accelerate financial close and simplify reporting.
  • Instant visibility – so everyone, from corporate to subsidiary, has the information they need.
  • Multi-currency, multi-tax, multinational intelligence – including legal and financial rules and reporting requirements.
  • Flexible customization – to meet the needs of each subsidiary.
  • Fast, cost-effective deployment – so you can get any business unit and geography up and running quickly.

NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM, when used with NetSuite ERP, takes CRM capabilities and functionality even further. NetSuite modules allow the system to be used in an easy-to-use system with vendors, employees, partners and any other relationships you have. This provides a powerful central contact center for your entire business process flow.

NetSuite CRM Marketing Automation

Plan, manage, execute and monitor campaign performance and ROI in fast, real-time to maximize the value of your leads and opportunities. Streamline the multi-channel execution of your campaigns, align with sales targets, and quickly convert leads into customers. Shorten the sales cycle by presenting relevant content to potential customers at the right time.

  • Lead capture from multiple sources, including websites, search engines, email, direct mail, and events.
  • Email marketing – from creation to execution and measurement – in one system.
  • Campaign analysis through full reporting and statistics. ROI calculation from the start of a campaign to the last order transaction.
  • Facilitates sales marketing through analysis of past purchase combinations.

NetSuite CRM Sales Force Automation

Manage opportunities across status, potential revenue, key contacts, notes, related documents and more. NetSuite’s SFA software provides your sales team with full real-time visibility into every aspect of customer relationships, including support cases, and allows them to cross-sell, upsell, drive renewals, and properly meet customer expectations.

  • Complete view of all leads and opportunities in the pipeline.
  • Contact and activity management needed to capture detailed records of all interactions.
  • One click processes to convert leads into cash.

NetSuite CRM Customer Support & Service

Deliver outstanding customer service and give clients a seamless experience to improve customer satisfaction. Get access to complete, key customer data to empower all customer-facing departments to give better support. Case management automates the business processes associated with customer support case assignment, management, and escalation.

  • Supports routing and tracking support cases according to product, issue, case type, partner or customer.
  • Knowledge base helps customers get the answers they need, aids customer rep training and education, and drives service consistency.
  • Real-time dashboards and reporting to monitor resolution metrics, renewals, and customer satisfaction.
  • Online self-service enables customer case submissions, status tracking, communications.

NetSuite Technical Service Module

It allows you to effectively manage your technical service with your NetSuite product. It provides control of incoming and outgoing technical devices. Follows up the technical service invoices of the incoming payments.

NetSuite Turkey Localization

NetSuite ERP seamlessly combines key accounting functions such as general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable with powerful compliance management, flexible revenue recognition capabilities, advanced expense management, detailed, always-on audit trail, and multi-currency transactions and revaluation capabilities.

  • Managed Bundle
  • Periodic Upgrades
    • New Features
    • Updates for Legal Regulations from Tax Authority (TRA)
  • Remote Support
  • Annualy Payment
  • ⇒ Bank Statement integration via text files and solutions for customer&payment creation during import
  • ⇒ Electronic Bank Payment output customizations for electronic payments.
  • TCMB Exchange Rate Integration
  • VAT Statement 1
  • VAT Statement 2
  • BA / BS Agreement Form : Agreement form of incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Trial Balance : A report that show all accounts total in Turkish Standarts
  • Balance Sheet : Balance Sheet according to Turkish Standarts
  • Receipt Printout : Journal Printout Turkish Standarts
  • Return GL Impact : Sales Return Account Correction
  • Vendor Letter of Reconciliation
  • Vendor Statement
  • Individual Statement
  • Supplier TC No and tax No algorithm control : Taxregid control
  • Customer TC No and Tax No algorithm control : Taxregid control
  • Ledger Printout
  • Journal Output
  • Automatic Transfer of Bank Statements
  • Bank Payment Files
  • Currency Difference Invoice Development

NetSuite Turkey Localization Plus

NetSuite CRM, when used with NetSuite ERP, takes CRM capabilities and functionality even further. NetSuite modules allow the system to be used within an easy-to-use system with vendors, employees, partners and any other relationships you have. This provides a powerful central contact center for your entire business process flow.


NOVACON e-Ledger solution enables our financial data created in NetSuite to be converted into e-ledger with the help of the integrator.

  • It ensures that the costs of printing the book, notary approval, approval of the book, and archiving are eliminated, and thus the processes result in minimum costs.
  • After uploading to the system, it provides the opportunity to view and download your ledgers in the format you want with the cloud system.
  • It offers you efficient storage space by minimizing your large data-sized ledgers. It is stored with cloud system assurance and there is no risk of data loss.


NOVACON e-Invoice solution includes transferring incoming invoices to the system, sending outgoing invoices to customers, micro export invoices and export invoices.

  • It provides you with a smooth and fast integration and you experience a reliable transition process.
  • You save time and cost.
  • Thanks to the cloud application, you provide easy and fast access from anywhere.


NOVACON e-Archive solution provides and supports the transfer of all invoices to the system in electronic environment.

  • Thanks to the cloud application, you provide easy and fast access from anywhere.
  • You save time and cost.


  • It provides you with a smooth and fast integration and you experience a reliable transition process.
  • Thanks to the cloud application, you provide easy and fast access from anywhere.
  • It ensures that transactions are carried out in minimum time.
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